College Matching Baskets Program

The Disc Golf Foundation facilitates the advancement of disc golf. Particularly through new course development. One program the DGF offers for this is the College Matching Baskets Program.

Through this program, the DGF agrees to donate 9 baskets to a college or university, if the approved institution purchases 9 baskets at retail price (plus shipping for all 18 baskets) and agrees to install and maintain the course on their property.

  • Guidelines

1. Only colleges or universities are eligible for this program.

2. Golf course must be open to the public.

3. Land for course must be on college property and must have been approved for this use by the college.

4. If grant is awarded, the college must install the course within one year.

5. A qualified designer must be involved. The DGF is happy to help locate a local designer to provide assistance.

6. A financial plan must be presented.

7 . Tee pads, signs, message board, and trash cans are recommended.

The DGF has made arrangements to offer three different disc golf baskets: the Mach V by DGA, the DISCatcher by Innova-Champion, or the Chain Star by Discraft Inc. The choice of the baskets to be used is at the discretion of the college. Be aware though that only one set of baskets will be offered a year by each of these manufacturers through the College Matching Baskets Program. Thus a first choice may not always be available.

Also note that the DGF will provide the 9 baskets only. All other baskets, tee signs, tee pads, design, installation, maintenance and shipping costs are the responsibility of the college.

  • Making a Proposal

Please click here to open and print the proposal for the College Matching Baskets Program.

When the proposal has been completed and sent to the DGF, the Board of Directors will discuss and make a decision. A time period of up to 6 months may occur before a decision is made, as it will be addressed and voted on at a semi-annual Board Meeting.